PURPOSE:  Drug Free Noble County's purpose is to be the "connecting" piece that brings the community together to combat the use of alcohol, tobacco & other drugs. 

Through the use of an annual COMMUNITY NEEDS SURVEY; research data; local, regional and state records and reports; and first hand knowledge of coalition partners, Drug Free Noble County develops a Comprehensive Community Plan.

We identify specific problem areas, determine qualitative and quantitative measures to determine impact, identify strategies to impact change, and monitor progress toward goals.   For information on this year's focus areas and strategic goals, CLICK HERE.

Drug Free Noble County partnerships and programs strive to bring together the different community elements that affect an individual's decision to use or not use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. 

The impact of Drug Free Noble County can be seen daily when a young person chooses not to use alcohol; when justice partners are able to prosecute manufacturers of meth, and when treatment is available for individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

OUR COALITION:  Drug Free Noble County's Coalition consists of over 70 partner organizations that work together to reach individuals in all facets of Noble County by using a multi-faceted approach to prevention, treatment and enforcement.  There are five committees that make up the coalition.  These committees are: Prevention, Treatment, Justice, Workplace and Faith committees.  The chair of each of these committees serve on the DFNC Executive Board. 

Drug Free Noble County currently operates with an Executive Director and a part-time Administrative Assistant.  We also have a college intern who serves as our Communication Specialist, and is responsible for updating our website and social media accounts.


MISSION STATEMENT: To reduce the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, primarily among youth in Noble County through education, enforcement, treatment, prevention, and coordination with other agencies