Stacey Beam, Noble County Probation                                   Scott Cole, Albion PD                             Gary Cox, Ligonier PD

John Dixon, Kendallville PD/ENHS Resource Officer          Doug Harp, Noble County Sheriff         Paul Hoffman, Rome City Marshall's Office

Michael Kramer, Noble County Judge                                   Max Weber, Indiana State Police           Rob Wiley, Kendallville PD

The Justice Committee meets every 2nd Tuesday at 11:00am in the South Office Complex's Dekko Room, located in Albion, Indiana. 

These meetings are open to the public.

To report a suspected crime, please CLICK HERE.

Strategies/Activities of the Committee:

  • Promote permanent drop boxes for expired/unused prescription and over the counter drugs for disposal
  • Utilize trained canines in Noble County school districts
  • Provide Prom/Party Safe packets for students and parents
  • Educate regarding laws related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Collaboration for meth awareness campaign


Drug Free Noble County
2090 N SR 9, Suite E, Albion, IN 46701
Tel: (260) 636-2320
Fax: (260) 636-6861

COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON:   Chad Willett, Noble County Sheriff's Department




Becky Calhoun

Executive Director

Karen Wetli
Administrative Assistant

Samantha Pena
Communication Specialist Intern

Anna Buttgen
Communication Specialist Intern

COMMITTEE GOAL: Reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco & other drugs in Noble County

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

 > Martin Luther King, Human Rights Activist