Noble County Identified Problems:

  • Meth Labs: Noble County continues to have one of the highest number of meth labs recovered in the state (2012 ranked in top 10)

  • 25% of adults in Noble County are smokers (2011 County Health Rankings)

  • 70.5% of respondents indicated that they are aware of youth who use alcohol (2013 DFNC Community Needs Survey)

  • Mean age that youth in Noble County begin using alcohol is 13 years (2012 IPRC Survey)

  • 45.1% of Noble County youth/young adults ages 10-20 responded that they agree or strongly agree that youth perceive alcohol, tobacco and other drug use as harmless while 21.4% were unsure of the perception of their peers (2013 DFNC Community Needs Survey)

  • 51.9% of Noble County youth/young adults ages 110-20 are unsure or misinformed about Indiana laws in regard to underage drinking and driving suspension (2013 DFNC DFNC Community Needs Survey)

  • 16% of adults in Noble County report binge drinking in the past 30 days (2011 County Health Rankings)

  • Approximately 33% of mental health patients in Noble County are treated for addictions; primary diagnosis are alcohol, meth and cocaine addictions.  In most cases, if alcohol is not primary diagnosis, it is a secondary or contributing diagnosis (2012 Local Treatment Center Data)

  • Annual prevalence rates of Noble County youth use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are higher than state averages (2012 IPRC Survey)

Below are the results from some of the past DFNC Community Needs Surveys, as well as other data and research numbers from around our region.