We work to improve life for Noble County residents!


We're continually working hard to improve lives through our committee work in the areas of prevention, treatment, justice, faith and workplace development. 


Drug Free Noble County
2090 N SR 9, Suite E, Albion, IN 46701
Tel: (260) 636-2320
Fax: (260) 636-6861
Email: rdcalhoun@dfnc.org

Executive Director


We have a simple, but robust mission:

"To reduce the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, primarily among youth in Noble County through education, enforcement, treatment, prevention, and coordination with other agencies."


Each year, Drug Free Noble County chooses the area(s) it will focus on, based on drug and alcohol trends in the region, as reported by law enforcement, treatment agencies, schools and other valuable resources. 



Becky Calhoun

Executive Director


Karen Wetli
Administrative Assistant

Samantha Pena
Communication Specialist Intern

Anna Buttgen
Communication Specialist Intern

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Becky Calhoun, Executive Director

Since 1990 Drug Free Noble County (DFNC) has worked diligently to combine the resources of our community to combat the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. DFNC works through a broad coalition of people, agencies and organizations to combine resources and efforts to work towards our mission. Our coalition represents over 75 partner organizations that work together to reach individuals in all facets of Noble County by utilizing a multi-pronged approach to prevention, enforcement and treatment.

What makes Drug Free Noble County unique? As our logo represents, a community is very much like a puzzle. DFNC serves as the connecting piece to bring together the different community elements that affect an individual’s decision to use or not use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Drug Free Noble County is also the local coordinating council for the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana.

Drug Free Noble County exists to educate, prevent, reduce the numbers of individual’s using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, encourage healthy lifestyles, and coordinate a comprehensive approach to eliminate drugs in Noble County.